Sarah Graham - Top Of The Pops

After the success of ‘Lollipop Carousel’ I bought my very own miniature chupa chups carousel in a sweet shop, and always planned to work from it. I spent a long time working from various angles, taking hundreds of photos, and endlessly rearranging the lollies to get the best contrast. I thought it would be a lot more straightforward than the photo I used for ‘Lollipop Carousel’, which was in fact a cropped holiday snapshot peering through a vending machine in Great Yarmouth. In fact I now realise I had too many options. In the end, I decided the pairing and slight shift in focus between these two lollies worked really well, I especially liked the lens flare in this image, as it allowed me to incorporate lots of blurred transitions throughout the vibrant red backdrop, which is essentially just the plastic stand the lollipops are displayed in. The title is a little nod to one of my all time favourite TV shows growing up, and of course chupas being the brand leader when it comes to lollipops! Occupying stands on just about every shop counter here and abroad! The stand is still full in my studio, I’m not tempted by them as I’m more of a ‘pic n mix’ girl, rather than anything hard boiled, I’d far rather paint a chupa chup than eat one!

Deep Boxed Canvas
27.5 x 43.25

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